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Our story begins in the summer of 2018. Having seen a number of independent brands whilst on a family holiday to Rhode Island, USA, Michael was inspired to establish a golf lifestyle brand inspired by the rocks on the Causeway Coast of Ireland.

Walking past the rolling waves of Westerly Town Beach on visits to the beach shack for lemonade and bagels, Michael excitedly bounced ideas off his family. Potential names ranged from McCool’s Golf, Finn Golf, Causeway Golf and various other iterations before settling on Rock Solid Golf Apparel. Over the next few days, camped under the parasol, Michael sketched potential logos before settling on a rough design of the basalt columns topped with a golf flag.

rock solid golf logo progression image black
rock solid golf logo progression image white

First Sketches



Once home, Michael sought the experience and knowledge of James, a PGA Professional, and between 2018-2023 the brand grew organically and developed loyal customers throughout the world stretching from Donegal to Arizona.  Our brand became synonymous with our core values of rock solid quality and rock solid customer service. 

In a bid to balance full time working life with developing the brand, Michael and James sought new partners who could bring fresh ideas and design expertise in early 2024.  Aaron grew up near the North Coast and had been a long standing customer who loved the attachment of the logo to Northern Ireland and how the phrase ‘rock solid’ resonates throughout golf.  He came into the brand along with a childhood friend, Rodney, who has years of experience as a product designer and a truly ‘artistic’ brain. 

Lo and behold, Rock Solid Golf evolved from a two-ball to a four-ball.  

Rock Solid Golf Company and its relaxed vibe of midweek nines and summer sixes draws upon the natural beauty and rugged charm of the Causeway Coast. From the crisp sea breeze to the emerald green fairways, every garment is imbued with the essence of this unique landscape and iconic courses.

We aspire to build a community who embrace the timeless pursuit of excellence, but are equally gracious for the ability to enjoy the game and good times with others. So whether you're teeing off at sunrise or sinking the winning putt at sunset, do it with a relaxed style and Look Rock Solid, Feel Rock Solid and Play Rock Solid.

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